I Came "To Bear Witness to the Truth"

Dec 5, 2021    Mike Bullmore
Sermon Application Questions:

1. When you think about the purpose of Christ being born, what are the things that come to your mind? Has this idea of him coming “to bear witness to the truth” been a significant part of your thinking?

2. Much is made of Christ’s kingship, both at this birth (see Matthew 2:1-12) and at his death (John 18:32-37; 19:19-20). How regularly do you think of Jesus as your King? What are the implications of his being your King?

3. Do you deeply believe that “the truth” Jesus speaks is the truth for all people? What pressures do you feel pushing you away from believing that? What helps you to believe that this truth is the same for all?
Music and Lyrics Used by Permission CCLI# 1595532