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april 14, 2024

a cause worth the cost

ephesians 3:1-13  //  Brett Wendle

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Discussion Questions

Week of: April 14, 2024 // Sermon Text: Ephesians 3:1-13

Sermon Overview

The main idea of this week's sermon was: the cause of spreading the gospel and strengthening the church is worth suffering for.

1. A mystery: God brings the nations into his people through the gospel (vv. 1-6)

2. A means: God gives his people the gift of spreading the gospel (vv. 7-9)

3. A goal: God displays his wisdom through the church (vv. 10-12)

4. A glory: Suffering in this cause is worthwhile (v. 13)

Digging Deeper

  1. Name things people pursue and the sacrifices they're willing to endure to go after them. (e.g., pursue more money so sacrifice time; excel in fitness/academics, so willingly give up hanging out with friends,, etc.)

  1. As followers of Christ, the things we are called to live for (and if necessary suffer for) are very different than those things for which the world lives. What, according to this passage, does God want us to see as worthy of living for, and if necessary suffering for?

  1. What are some of the costs Christians bear in spreading the gospel and strengthening the church? Why do these costs sometimes feel as though they're not worth it?

  1. How does this passage change how we view the prospect of suffering in order to share the gospel message?[1]

  1. There are many parts of the world today where living for Christ is costly. What might it look like for us to be more aware of the sufferings of our brothers and sisters around the world? What might it look like for us to support them (cf. Gal. 6:10)?

  1. 2 Timothy 3:12 says "Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." To what extent do you see the reality of this verse in our midst? If this reality is not happening to the degree that perhaps it should be, why do you think that is? What might need to change?

  1. Historically, here in America, living for Christ has not been all that costly. That may be changing. In light of the changing landscape here, what might be some of the costs that come to those who live for the spread of the gospel and the strengthening of the church in the years to come?

  1. What would it look like for us to prepare ourselves to suffer well (i.e. in a way that honors and pleases God)?

  1. It is a wonder of wonders that God would be so gracious to us, his people, that he would allow us to participate in his global purpose to gather worshipers from all the peoples of the earth through the proclamation of the Gospel (see 3:7-9). How are we at CrossWay Community Church living out our calling to spread the Gospel? How can we grow in this? What is your part in this?


[1] Ephesians: Your Place in God's Plan by Richard Coekin, pg. 27.

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