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may 28, 2023

"This is the Heritage of the Servants of the Lord"

 isaiah 54:1-17 // Brett Wendle

Audio available Sunday afternoon, video available on Tuesday.

Sermon Application Questions: 

1. If you’re a Christian, look back on your own story of coming to faith in Christ. What did God use to give you new spiritual life and make you one of the children he describes in vv. 1-3?

2. Read again through vv. 4-10, and find all of God’s descriptions of how he will treat his people (e.g. he will cause them to forget their shame, he will show them everlasting love). Which of these reassurances do you most need right now? Why?

3. How does God intend vv. 11-17 to speak to our fears? How do these verses help you with fears to which you are tempted?

Video Music and Lyrics Used by Permission CCLI# 
Latest Sermon-Only Video  (above) available Tuesday