One Service at 10:00a on January 1.

young adults


Thrive equips you to grow as disciples of Jesus, and to go make disciples of Jesus

Whether you are in full swing with your undergrad, just moved out on your own, or are well into a steady career, Thrive is a fun way for you to meet others in these transitional years of life. Being young is fun, but we know it can also be hard. Thrive is here to give you a place to connect with others who love Jesus and are committed to being dynamic Christians in their everyday lives. 

monthly group gatherings

Thrive meets up at CrossWay as a large group once a night every month. Our Friday night evenings include worship, a message, coffee and time to connect with one another. This is a meaningful way to come together after a long week of school or work. 

frequent guy/girl huddles

Gender-specific huddles meet 2-4 times a month with the aim of studying God's word, praying together and deepening friendships. If you're new to Thrive, Pastor Brett will get you plugged into a group. 

fun social

Late-night bonfires, a few rounds of spike ball, Sunday lunch down by the name it. Whether planned or spontaneous, participating in some fun is a great way to get to know other young adults. 

upcoming thrive events

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 7:00p - 8:30p

Crossway Community Church
13905 75th Street
Bristol, WI 53104


Kyle Luck

Pastoral Resident
Kyle serves in the Young Adult ministry and is passionate about Jesus being our greatest joy. He and his wife Brittney have four children.