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Read & enjoy

a commitment to know god by reading his word

We believe one of the best ways to get to know God and enjoy Him is by spending time with Him in His Word. Three key elements are needed to develop and keep the habit of reading the Bible: (1) a time, (2) a place, and (3) a plan. Below are a few of our favorite plans.

Bible in a year plan

The plan below is borrowed with permission from It’s a 5 day weekly schedule that takes you through the Bible chronologically. You can either choose option 1 , which takes you through the entire Bible in one year, or option 2, which covers the entire New Testament and Psalms.

M'Cheyne Plan + Companion Books

The M'Cheyne reading plan has long been a favorite. Over the course of a year, the plan covers the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice.

In addition, D.A. Carson has written a two-part companion guide through the M'Cheyne plan called For the Love of God Volume I and II. 

Some look to use this plan over two years.


The Bible Reading Chart allows maximum flexibility in content and pace while being intentional to read the whole counsel of God. Read chapters and books as you please and track your progress. As you complete reading, check off the chapter. Then, as you continue throughout the year, pick a different part of scripture to ensure new ground is being covered.  

How Do I enjoy god by reading his word?

ordinary reading brings change over time

Bible reading is a discipline, with benefits that increase over time. Some days, you sit down, read the Bible, and walk away with your mind blown! It can be so great. But most days, things feel pretty ordinary. Keep pressing in on the ordinary days. Like most good disciplines (e.g., eating healthy, working out, brushing your teeth), you may see marginal impact in the moment but seismic changes over time. Keep reading, ask God to help you, and after a few weeks and or months, you'll be surprised at how much you enjoy God.

meditating on scripture has a heart effect

Meditate on one verse, maybe just a few words. It's good to read chapters of Scripture at a time, but our minds can't possibly take it all in. So, each time you read, find at least one verse that you can meditate on. For example, Psalm 17:15 says "...when I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness." That verse could be a prayer you use throughout your week as you ask God to help you be satisfied in Him alone, even when you're tired and distracted. 

god's people are there to encourage you

Share what you're reading with others. Take advantage of conversations at home with your family, in your Gospel Community or on Sunday morning. If you're still looking for someone to connect with, reach out to Pastor Josh Mathews


What is Read and enjoy all about?

The Bible isn’t just any book, it’s God speaking to us. This makes the Bible the key book you’ve got to read to know God and enjoy him. For those who are exploring, the Bible is the best place to hear God in his own words. For followers of Jesus, regularly reading the Bible is essential to trust, live-out, speak, and share the gospel.

Our desire is that all people would experience the joy of regular Bible reading.

What should i do if I get behind?

The plans above are just that, plans. Don't worry if you miss a day or fall behind. Just pick up where you left off and keep going.

what should i do with boring parts of the bible?

Some parts of the Bible seem really exciting, while others feel boring with unnecessary detail. There's purpose for all of God's Word, it just might take some digging to see. Before you dive into your daily reading, pray that God would open your eyes to make connections and discover more about God.