Gospel communities

living for jesus together

Being a follower of Jesus was never meant to be done alone. It takes community to live your life well for God’s glory.

Getting plugged into a Gospel Community not only helps you get connected to other believers at CrossWay, but also helps you live out your ordinary life with gospel-intentionality.

Gospel Communities are small groups of people who are committed to trusting, living-out, speaking, and sharing the Gospel together.

gospel-centered discipleship

Gospel Communities are a huge part of our life here at CrossWay. They're designed to help disciples of Jesus remain centered on the gospel as we all commit to trusting, living out, speaking and sharing the gospel.

trust the gospel

Everything in the life of disciple begins and grows with trusting the gospel. A person becomes a disciple of Jesus by turning away from their life of sin and trusting the gospel. A disciple grows by committing to and appreciating the gospel more and more. The gospel is not just news to be heard, it’s news to be received, to be believed, and to be cherished.

live out the gospel

The gospel impacts every facet of a disciple’s life. As the truths of the gospel are applied, a disciple’s life should be a clear and compelling demonstration of the gospel’s transforming power. Truly trusting the gospel implies the gospel will be visible in a disciple’s life.

speak the gospel

The life of a disciple is fully restored to God and yet a work in progress. Disciples speak the gospel to other disciples to remind, encourage and instruct one another with truths that flow from the gospel.

share the gospel

Many of our friends, family members, and neighbors have never experienced the saving power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A disciple gives themselves to bearing witness to the gospel among those who are outside the community of faith.

eight commissions

The eight commissions outlined below are principles for every Gospel Community. Out of these commissions, Gospel Communities are entrusted to pursue rhythms, events, and other initiatives to cultivate a network of relationships that pursue trusting, living-out, speaking and sharing the gospel together.

commissioned to form

CrossWay members are encouraged to form Gospel Communities with these provisions in mind:

1. Your group needs at least six individuals

2. Prior to launch, your entire initial group needs to go through training

3. We’ll assign an elder to provide oversight, care and counsel to your group

4. Your group needs to create a Gospel Community Covenant so that expectations within the community are clear

5. Each member of the group needs to commit to the community on a year-by-year basis

commissioned to schedule

We encourage you to view your participation not as “something to schedule,” but instead as something like “living everyday life for Jesus …together.” It’s our desire that you don’t see your commitment as just another “thing” on your calendar.

commissioned to belong

Gospel Communities exist to strengthen and contribute to CrossWay’s pursuit of its overall mission. All Gospel Communities will have the same vision, be commissioned during a Sunday morning service, complete Gospel Community training, have ongoing training with other Gospel Communities, and create a covenant. In addition, every Gospel Community will be linked up with a Pastor/Elder for ongoing help and oversight.

commissioned to include

We want Gospel Communities to be an environment you can invite individuals and families who are already a part of CrossWay or new to our church into deeper involvement and community.

commissioned to build up

Gospel Communities are a context for the Spirit to build up the church, and we know that all followers of Jesus have been given the Holy Spirit and particular gifts, talents, skills and passions for the good of one another. We trust that God will raise up servant leaders for Gospel Communities that help leverage the individual gifts for the collective good.

commissioned to serve

Gospel Communities are a way for CrossWay members to serve others. Our hope is that Gospel Communities would serve in a wide variety of places and capacities.

commissioned to witness

Your Gospel Community is a witness to the gospel of Jesus. As the community loves, serves and cares for one another in the midst of the world, your group is a testimony of Jesus’ way.

Gospel communities may seek to witness by:

1. Engaging people in the environments you already participate in, like school, work and your neighborhood.

2. Looking for evidence of God’s work among the people in those environments.

3. Introducing people to God and inviting them to take the next step towards him.

commissioned to multiply

Gospel Communities are for others, they are not just for ourselves. As your group invites and witnesses to the people around you, it will grow. Once your group reaches a strategic point in size and timing, our hope is that your group will multiply into two or more Gospel Communities to make room for more people to be pursued and included.


do i have to be a member to join?

Nope! Anyone is welcome to check out a Gospel Community. Over time, our hope would that becoming a member would be the natural effect of committing to the people in your Gospel Community and the wider church.

are groups specific to life stage?

Each Gospel Community varies. Some are multi-generational while others are specific to stage-of-life. Some are gender-specific, others are for men and women alike.

what if there's not a group that meets at a time or place that works for me?

Contact Jenny Andrus. She'll let you know if there's a group at CrossWay that fits your schedule.

i know of people wanting to form a group, what do we do next?

This is great! Contact Josh Mathews, and he will help you get the ball rolling.

Interested in learning more about Crossway?

Vision and Values is a two-session class that explores why we exist as a church, what we're guided by, and what we do week in and week out. If you're considering membership, attendance at both sessions is required. If you're simply wanting to get to know more about Crossway, this is a perfect class to attend.

Join us on Wednesdays, September 14th & 21st from 6:30pm - 9:00pm at the church building.