CrossWay's Livestream was initiated to serve the church during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has served a very important function, providing a means of staying connected for those who were unable to gather in a large group.

We are very thankful that almost everyone is now able to attend in person and the need for our public livestream has diminished significantly. Beginning in August 2022, our Livestream will only be provided to those who are regularly unable to join in person.

If you are a member or regular attender, and you are unable to join our gatherings in person, we want to be sure that we continue to provide the Livestream to you uninterrupted.  Please register below to receive the Livestream link each week.

We will continue to post the sermon audio to our webpage and podcast channels on Sunday afternoons, same as our pre-COVID practice. The full Sunday morning service and sermon-only videos will be available by noon on Tuesdays.

If you have any questions, please call or email the church office.

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