I Came "To Seek and to Save the Lost"

Dec 12, 2021    Brett Wendle
Sermon Application Questions:

1. Do you find it hard to believe that Jesus is, as this story shows, a “friend of sinners”? Do you find it hard to believe that he desires fellowship with you, even though you fall short? Why do you think that is? What specific truths from the Bible can help you?

2. Imagine you have a friend who is not a Christian and doesn’t see their need for Jesus; they don’t believe they’re “lost” or a “sinner.” How would you have a conversation with them to try and help them see their need for what Jesus came to do?

3. When Zacchaeus trusted in Jesus, his faith showed itself in repentance with how he used his money. Jesus transformed him. How has Jesus transformed you?

4. How can you be more attentive to the ways God is drawing people around you to himself, and how can you make yourself more available for him to use in seeking and saving the lost?
Music and Lyrics Used by Permission CCLI# 1595532