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the man with good news


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we all have a universal problem

The gospel may be a bit of a foreign word to you, but it simply means "good news!" The gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ died for your sins.

Someone dying isn't usually good news, but in this case it is! Why?

We believe that all humans have a universal problem with a massive consequence. Our universal problem is that we've broken our relationship with God because we'd rather live life our own way, and the massive consequence is that we'll be separated from the God who made us, loves us and knows us best...forever.

jesus rescues us from that problem

But Jesus, God's own son, came into the world to make things right again! Jesus is the only person in all history that didn't have a problem with God. He was perfect. Yet, he saw the massive consequence awaiting humanity and out of love took the punishment upon himself by dying on the cross.

Jesus' death means anyone that believes in him can be forgiven of their sin and have a new, mended relationship with God forever! Jesus' resurrection from the dead proves that he's more powerful than death and will come through for those who believe in him.

New life now awaits

The gospel requires a response from each and every one of us. In order to receive forgiveness for your sins and eternal life with Jesus you must turn away from your sin and put your trust in what Jesus has done on your behalf. When you do this, your sin and judgment are left behind because they died with Jesus. And new life now awaits.

our new life is sustained in jesus christ

New life in Jesus is marked by the same good news that saved you. This is because the gospel of Jesus is news that not only takes us from death to life, but is news that sustains our new life in Jesus. We call this being Gospel-Centered, and it means that the gospel is at work in your life. We pursue gospel-centrality in a variety of ways at CrossWay.

we preach the gospel to ourselves

We seek to first know, and then remind ourselves again and again of all that is true about us because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

we seek to apply the gospel to every area of our life

We seek to allow the gospel of Jesus to shape us into individuals who love our enemies, are grateful for what we’ve been given, are generous with our time and resources, and are both merciful and just.

we allow the gospel to motivate us as we seek to follow jesus

We reject the fear, guilt, self-interest, and pride that so often motivates the religious, and instead allow God’s grace – demonstrated in the gospel of Jesus – to draw us deeper into a holy faith.

next steps for you

connect with a pastor

If you're exploring what it means to consider Jesus Christ as your Savior, we'd love to connect with you! Find someone from the team after the Sunday service or email one of us so we can meet you. 

Attend a sunday service

Life is made up of habits that have a profound impact on who you become, what you love, and how you live. Every week we gather together to know God, hear from Him through the Bible, respond to Him in singing, and serve one another.

join a gospel community

One of the best ways you can live out a gospel-centered life is by being intentionally involved in a community with other believers. CrossWay's Gospel Communities are a place where people can trust, speak, live-out and share the gospel with one another.  

Check out Discipleship training

Whether you're new to Christianity or have been a disciple of Jesus for many years, Discipleship Training classes are designed to help you learn more about God and how to think about important things like the innerancy of Scripture, heaven, suffering, money, and so much more!