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The Day After in Kenosha

Dear CrossWay Family,

I woke up yesterday morning and heard the news and my heart sank, as I’m sure did yours.  I just instinctively cried out in my heart, “O, Lord, not more!  We’re already dealing with so much heavy stuff.”

I was deeply grieved by what I saw.  I was deeply grieved for the irrevocable consequences in people’s lives.  And throughout the day I was grieved by the quickness and depth of the polarization between two sides.  Again.

We will not likely know the full story of what happened on Sunday evening between Jacob Blake and the Kenosha police officers until the Department of Justice’s report is given but not having the full picture doesn’t stop us from grieving over what has happened and what continues to happen in our city.

I’ve found myself praying throughout the day yesterday and again today, “O Lord, help Christians throughout our community to speak and act in a way that glorifies you and puts you on display for others to see.  Help us to be salt and light in the midst of all that is going on.”  I do not want us as Christians to lose one ounce of our hope and my prayer is that others will see it.
As Christians we want to both think well and act well in the midst of this crisis.  I want to try to speak to this more fully in a longer email tomorrow, in a focused message on Sunday morning, and in already scheduled meetings in the days immediately ahead.  We are already investigating ways we as a church might be able to serve our city and we will keep you posted as those opportunities become clearer.  For now, please pray.  Pray for our community.  Pray for peace.  And please pray for us as pastors and elders as we seek to navigate and lead our church.

I will do my best to send out a longer email tomorrow.  We just thought it would be good to at least send a brief word today—to make contact, to call us to pray, and to encourage us to stay grounded in the only thing that doesn’t move, our unshakeable Rock and Redeemer.
With both sorrow and hope in my heart,

Pastor Mike (for all the pastors and elders)
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