You may be thinking that it’s hard enough for an adult to memorize Scripture. How in the world will a kid even have a chance? Well, below you’ll find a handful of tips to help you along the way.

Show your child where the verse is found in their Bible. Mark their Bible with a special color to identify verses they have memorized.

Do not simplify the verses, but clarify any words they don’t understand. It’s important for them to learn the “vocabulary” of Scripture. Your goal is to help them learn each verse word for word.

Begin by reading the verse several times to your child. Then teach them one phrase or word from the verse at a time. The last word or phrase is easiest for them to learn first. So, start with the end of the verse and work backwards. For example, with Jeremiah 19:13, have the child first learn “When you seek me with all your heart.” Then add, “You will seek me and find me… When you seek me with all your heart.”

Continue to add words and phrases until your child can say the verse and the reference by himself.

Recite the verse several times a day in your child’s presence. Say the “address” or reference before and after the verse.

Use the CrossWay Scripture Memory Cards. Even if your child is too young to read, the card will help you remember the verse. Take the cards with you when you go out so you can review the verse at different times of the day (waiting in line at the grocery store, at the doctor’s office, etc.) You can put a sticker on the card when the child has successfully memorized the verse.

Remember to have fun while learning the verse. Keep the time spent brief to hold the child’s attention. This should be enjoyable so if your child gets frustrated try again later.

Make a game of reviewing the verse.
– Say the first word or phrase of the verse, and then have your child call out the second word or phrase.
Repeat this until you’ve said the whole verse.
– Bounce or roll a ball back and forth as you take turns saying each word or phrase.
– Write each word of the verse on a card. Mix the cards up and see if your child can put the words in their correct order.
Now, remove a card and have them say the verse. Continue this until all the cards have been removed.

Put the verse to music or rhythm. Your child will enjoy singing and clapping their hands.

Have your child “write” the verse by drawing as many pictures for the words as possible. Have them draw a picture to represent to first word or the main idea of the verse.

As a family, make up hand motions you do together to say the whole verse. This is fun and it works!

Encourage your child and praise him for his or her efforts. Avoid using rewards as bribes, but look for ways to recognize and celebrate your child’s achievements.

Be sure to review verses your child learned in previous weeks. Review a new verse daily for 30 days. Review old verses at least once per week.

Look for opportunities to apply these verses to the everyday situations of life. Talk about what the verse means. What does it tell us about God? What does it tell us about ourselves? Is there a promise to claim or a sin to avoid?

Be a model of someone who treasures God’s word. Make it your goal to memorize these verses with your child. Tell them how God is using these verses in your life.

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