Your Dwelling Place

Mike Bullmore  /  April 4,  2020
Mike Bullmore teaches on Your Dwelling Place from Psalm 91.

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In response to our current situation and in preparation for Good Friday, we ask you to dedicate this week to daily prayer. The attached Prayer Guide presents a Psalm to read each day taken from the past few weeks of Sunday preaching and prayer points to lead you in praise, confession, and intercession. As an example, consider gathering with your household each day after dinner to read the Psalm and pray.


God is our Fortress - Psalm 46

Praise God that he is a refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Admit any fears you have and pray God would be the biggest source of strength and steadiness for you. Pray for those sick with Covid19 and for their families.


God is our Helper and Keeper - Psalm 121

Praise God for his constant care for us through Christ. Confess any worries you have about your future and seek to trust God’s future help. Pray that God would help and protect medical workers and workers in other essential industries laboring for the good of the nation.


In Quietness is Your Strength - Psalm 131

Remember the picture of a content and quiet child in a mother’s arms. Confess any way God has revealed a prideful self-reliance in your life through the past 3 weeks. Pray that people who do not know Christ would put their hope in him. Pray for your brothers and sisters at CrossWay to put their hope in the Lord week by week.


Your Dwelling Place - Psalm 91

Thank God for the shelter and protection Christians have in Christ. Renounce other things you rely on more than the Lord for your ultimate safety. Pray for other places in the world dealing with a large outbreak of Covid19. Pray for our mission partners as they face outbreaks in their various communities.


Good Friday – Luke 23:26-49

We invite you to pray and fast today. Join us at 7pm for a prayer service.

Sermon Application Questions – 4/5/20

1. Who in your life do you know, like Pastor Mike’s grandma, who is living in the good of the truth of Psalm 91? How might you emulate them?

2. Which of the images of God’s protection in this psalm speaks most powerfully to you? Why?

3. Do you feel like you have a good sense of how you come to “dwell” in God? Is that just some subjective thing or is there a real path to follow? Verses 14 & 15 will be helpful in thinking about this.

4. Even though Jesus is not named in this psalm how do we know that “dwelling in God” won’t happen apart from Jesus?

Psalm 91

Join us for this video sermon from Mike Bullmore titled “Your Dwelling Place.” He is teaching today from Psalm 91.

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