“Whoever Believes in Me … Shall Live”

Mike Bullmore  /  May 2,  2020
Mike Bullmore teaches on “Whoever Believes in Me … Shall Live” from John 11:1-44.

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Sermon Application Questions – 4/3/20

1. As you read the gospels are you convinced, by watching Jesus, that he genuinely loves people? What does his love cause him to do?

2. In your present challenging circumstances, what are you valuing more—your physical/emotional/psychological comfort or God’s purposes to grow your faith, your endurance, and your hope in him?

3. In the message it was said, 'For those who are in Christ, death is no longer something to be feared. It no longer poses a threat. It is stripped of its power. It can do no lasting harm.' Is that how you feel?

4. Again, in the message the statement was made, 'Death is the thing about which the Christian perspective and the non-Christian perspective differ most widely. Therefore, it is the thing about which we stand to be most damagingly affected by not fully embracing the Christian perspective.' Do you think that is true? If so, how is that truth getting worked out in your life?

John 11:1-44

Mike Bullmore is preaching today in our current series “Words of Life from Jesus.” His sermon is title “Whoever Believes in Me…Shall Live” and is from John 11:1-44.

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