The Way Back to God

Josh Mathews  /  May 23,  2020
Josh Mathews teaches on The Way Back to God from John 14:1-6.

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Sermon Application Questions

(1) We live in a broken world. What are some ways you, friends, or people you hear look to solve this problem? Consider what you hear in media or in conversation with others.

(2) How do you deal with anxiety? What do you think will help you out?

(3) Jesus says he is the only way to the Father. How does such an exclusive claim land on you? Does it feel limiting? Does it feel freeing? Why?

(4) If you’ve never believed in Jesus, what prevents you from giving up your life and following him?

(5) If you do believe in Jesus, how can you cultivate an appetite to Look UP to the Father, Look OUT for others and Look Forward to Jesus’ return?

John 14:1-6

Join us in this message from Josh Mathews from John 14:1-6 titled, “The Way Back to  You God.”

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