“The Light of the World”

Mike Bullmore  /  April 11,  2020
Mike Bullmore teaches on “The Light of the World” from John 8:12-20.

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Sermon Application Questions – 4/12/20

1. 'Light' is an incredibly rich symbol. What comes to your mind when you think of light? What is the main thing Jesus is communicating when he says, 'I am the Light of the world'?

2. How might the idea of Jesus being the light affect how you go through life in this world? It might help to think about what kinds of 'darkness' we regularly encounter.

3. Consider the connection between darkness and death. How does Jesus being the light help you face the reality that someday you will die?

John 8:12-20

Happy Easter! Our series in the book of John resumes today with Pastor Bullmore preaching from John 8:12-20 in a sermon titled, “The Light of the World.”

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