The Good Shepherd

Mike Bullmore  /  April 25,  2020
Mike Bullmore teaches on The Good Shepherd from John 10:1-21.

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Sermon Application Questions - April 26, 2020

1. What does the image of Jesus as a good shepherd bring to your mind? What does Jesus intend to communicate about himself by using that image? (Note: Since Jesus is no doubt tapping into places like Psalm 23 and Isaiah 40:11, those passages should help inform our understanding of what Jesus intends.)

2. Jesus describes part of the 'abundant life' (v. 10) that he gives as 'knowing' him and being 'known' by him (v. 14). How does that show up in our everyday, ordinary life as Christians? How might we actively cultivate that? What might happen in your life if you did purpose to cultivate that more?

3. How does Jesus 'lead' us now? What is the likely effect of us disregarding his 'voice'? What is the likely effect of us eagerly heeding his voice?

4. Are you afraid of death? If the first and last verses of Psalm 23 speak about what is actually true, how might that help you?

John 10:1-21

Our series in John continues with this sermon from John 10:1-21. Mike Bullmore has titled it, “The Good Shepherd.”

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