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The Gladness of Regathering

Mike Bullmore  /  June 23,  2020
Mike Bullmore teaches on The Gladness of Regathering from Psalm 122.

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Sermon Application Questions – 6/21/20

1. At the beginning of the message Pastor Mike talked about how God intends to use Psalms in our lives. Do you find yourself regularly drawn to the Psalms or do you find yourself more unsure what to do with them? What is it about them that draws you or, on the other hand, makes you not so drawn to them?

2. How important to you is the weekly gathering of God’s people? What is it about that gathering that makes you want to be there? How much do your reasons line up with the reasons the writer of Psalm 122 presents?

3. In the message Pastor Mike laid out three reasons to be glad about gathering with God’s people: a) Gathering with God’s people helps us direct our heart’s to God and that’s where our greatest joy is found; b) In our gathering we can together express our dependence on God and that is a really good thing; c) In our gathering we can enjoy our shared connection with God. Which of those was most helpful in 'guiding your affections' about this important practice of gathering together with God’s people?

Psalm 122

Psalm 122 is the text for Mike Bullmore’s sermon today, titled “The Gladness of Regathering.”

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