Free Indeed

Brett Wendle  /  April 18,  2020
Brett Wendle teaches on Free Indeed from John 8:31-47.

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Sermon Application Questions   1. What are some different things people mean today when they talk about freedom? What does Jesus mean by free in vv. 31 and 36? Why is the freedom he offers better than other kinds of freedom?   2. Jesus says (v. 34) that sin is enslaving. Have you seen or experienced this truth? How would we live differently if we kept this truth in mind, both when we think about our own life and the lives of people around us?   3. Jesus says that a mark of true disciples is that they 'abide in [his] word' (v. 31). What does it mean to abide in his word, and how does it look for you? Can you think of ways you could grow in abiding? Would you like your Gospel Community to hold you accountable for taking a step in one of the ways you mentioned?

John 8:31-47

We are in John 8:31-47 for this sermon in our series from the book of John. Brett Wendle is preaching today. His sermon is titled, “Free Indeed.”

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