Memorizing Scripture can seem really intimidating. It’s hard to memorize a phone number, let alone a sentence or two. So, where can I even start? Take a look at a few of our favorite tips below to help you get started.

Memorize the Scripture yourself.

Memorize verses one phrase at a time. Keep adding new phrases until you have memorized the entire verse.

Work on your verses daily. It is better to repeat your verses 10 times each day for 10 days than to repeat them 100 times in one day.

Use the passage as the focus of one of your devotions. Look it up in your Bible and read the verses that surround it. What is the meaning of the passage? How can you apply it?

Pray through your verse phrase by phrase in the first person, adding your thoughts.

Make review a priority, not just something you “work in.” Review just before you do something every day (breakfast, devotions, turn on the car radio, etc.). Post the verse in a place where you’ll see it every day, like the bathroom mirror or above the kitchen sink.

Review out loud in this order: Reference – Verse – Reference.

Make it your goal to learn each passage word perfect.

Don’t immediately look at the card when you can’t remember! Make your mind do the work of recall. Recall helps lock the verse in your memory more effectively than repetition.

Yell the word or phase you always miss, as you review.

Draw a picture to help you remember the first word or key idea of the verse (Example: Jeremiah 29:13. “You will seek me and find me…” Draw a big pair of binoculars)

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