Nelson and Marcia Salviano are located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with their two children, Camila and Andre. Since 2004, Nelson has developed a pastoral training program called ESCALE for training grassroots pastors in shanty towns and remote regions.

This year has already held many opportunities for grassroots pastoral training. In the past few months, Nelson has traveled long distances to Bangu, Brasilia, Sao Paulo State, and Bauru; these cities range from 270-450 miles from Belo Horizonte. He has been training leaders and encouraging pastors in their ministry. The leaders in several of these cities have already asked him to return so that they might receive further training. He is currently involved in 3 “training nuclei”: one in the Salvianos’ backyard (around 20 people), one on the outskirts of Belo (about 18 people), and one in Itaobim (a city about 660 km from Belo).

It has been difficult to maintain all three nuclei every month. There is strain on the family budget as the Salvianos pay for regular travel to Itaobim and teaching materials, and as they donate money to support the pastor at Itaobim who hosts Nelson during his time there. They are fasting and praying that God will raise up more partners for them in their ministry.

Nelson has also received many invitations to speak or preach within Belo, including at the hospitals where Marcia and Camila currently work. Although there are countless opportunities like these, Nelson’s heart is really in grassroots pastoral training.

Praise God

  • Congratulations to Camila and Mairon on their engagement! All are happily involved with wedding planning and preparation. They expect more than 400 people to attend the wedding and reception.
  • Marcia is fully recovered from cancer.
  • Andre is fully healed from his injury, though still feels some pain during leg exercises.


  • Please pray for Marcia. Because of the cancer, she is taking a daily medication for 5 years that has some side effects. She is doing all that she is able to at work, at home, and with her PhD studies.
  • Please pray for God’s provision for Camila and Mairon’s wedding.
  • Please pray for Andre, that he will be able to play soccer again soon, and that he will continue to do well in his studies and grow in his faith. Pray too for God’s provision for Andre’s air tickets to come home to Brazil during summer vacation.
  • Please pray for additional financial provision for the Salviano family and the ESCALE ministry.

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