What is Read & Enjoy?

It’s a year-long journey of reading the Bible together in 2021. We believe one of the best ways to get to know God and enjoy him is by spending time with him by reading what he has to say in the Bible.

What Bible reading plan will we be using?

It’s a 5 day a week plan that takes a person through the Bible chronologically. There are two options. The first takes you through the entire Bible in one year. The second covers the entire New Testament and Psalms. Take a look at the plan itself. We’ve borrowed it with permission from fivedaybiblereadingplan.com.

How do I join?

Let us know by filling out this form. We’ll get you all the details you need from there.

I’ve never really read the Bible before. Where do I start?

Anyone can start reading the Bible! We’d recommend starting with Option 2, the New Testament and Psalms. It will get you going right with the life and teachings of Jesus. In about 7 minutes a day, you’ll work through the second half of the Bible.

I want to read the Bible, but I have a hard time keeping up over the year.

You’re not alone! There are a few key things you need to have in place to read the Bible regularly: (1) a time, (2) a place, and (3) a plan. We’ve got you covered on the plan. Now you have to choose a time and place that will remain the same for five days/week. For lots of people, this is early in the morning somewhere in their home. But any time of day and place works.

One of the best parts of this plan is that it requires you to read five days each week. That means there’s flexibility to miss a day or two a week and still be on pace. And, if you’re consistently reading the Bible each day, it gives you two days to dive deeper. Lots of people look to do Read&Enjoy from Monday to Friday. The weekends are then used to read something different. Often, on Sunday morning, the text that is going to be preached on will be read.

How can I include my kids in Read&Enjoy?

Depending on age and ability, choose a portion of Option 2 for them to read. Perhaps pick a book in the New Testament and have a child read through a few verses a day.

As a family, Read&Enjoy can easily be used during a devotional time. Here’s one way it could look:

(1) Open by praying God opens ears and hearts to hear from him.

(2) Read one chapter from a New Testament reading from that day.

(3) Ask one or all of the following questions: (1) Light bulb: anything stick out from what was read? (2) Question Mark: any questions from the passage? (3) Arrow: anything you want to do or believe?