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Population: 190,875,224

Capital: Brasilia

Religion: Christian

Language: Portuguese


The Salvianos’ Story

The Salvianos are located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Since 2004 Nelson has developed a pastoral training program called ESCALE that he uses to train grassroots pastors in shanty towns and remote regions. He has built a network of relationships and developed a leadership team to help him train pastors.

About Brazil

Brazil is the largest South American country that stretches nearly across the entire continent. It is also the largest Catholic country in the world with more 40% of the population. However, only a small percentage of them are actively pursuing their faith. There is growing momentum across the country to plant more churches and to reach remote villages. Gospel churches are flourishing in the whole country and more than 30% of the nation call themselves protestant. This growth, however, comes with lots of deficiency with many pastors teaching and preaching about prosperity and instantaneous blessings. There are a very strong need to train pastors and leaders to preach the Bible faithfully.