Jamie’s Story

It is a joy and privilege for me to work with InterVarsity, as I was a student that God engaged with the gospel through InterVarsity, and transformed into a quiet but bold leader, willing to serve God as I shared the gospel, led studies, loved students and engaged in campus culture. My last two years of college I followed God’s leading to love and care for international students in particular, and develop an outreach event called “Tea & Talk” to intentionally serve and minister to these students. Through InterVarsity God helped me understand my field of study in light of his gospel, and equipped me with countless skills and experiences to enter into the professional world post-grad and engage in the community and mission of the local church. It was actually my post-grad experience in a Denver internship and church that made me realize how significantly InterVarsity had impacted me, and confirmed my desire to return to campus and invest in the next generations of students.

About UW-Stevens Point

UW-Stevens Point is a public University in the University of Wisconsin System with a student population of 9,677. There are 215 international students, with 36 countries represented. InterVarsity has been present on campus since 1955, back when UWSP was “State College” and the group was mainly a women’s study for people in the education department. InterVarsity has since grown and expanded its influence on campus despite ups and downs throughout the decades. Many UWSP InterVarsity alumni are staff for the ministry, or on the mission field in other countries, and many more are missionaries in their neighborhoods and places of employment. Thousands of students have been positively impacted by the chapter since 1955, and those thousands have impacted thousands more.