David and Yulia Beatty (sons Tosha and Evan) have been led to raise up leaders committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in Eastern Europe and Russia. God has given them opportunities to teach and also to help potential leaders apply the teaching in their lives and in those they are ministering to. The Beatty’s are helping them “to observe all” that Christ has commanded.

A Season of Sports and Retreats

This fall has been a busy one for the Beattys, as they invest in their community, their church, and the larger mission of raising up godly leaders.

Yulia is involved with several women’s events this fall–a weekly Bible study with members of many nationalities, a church retreat on what it is to live in light of the gospel, and a retreat in Russia at the end of October, where she will be teaching about Hannah, Samuel’s mother. In Russia, she will lead women through thoughts on Hannah’s/our barrenness, gifts, & need for the Lord. Pray that God would use her presence at these events to bring fruit in the lives of women across Eastern Europe!

David has also been preparing to teach in Russia, though remotely and involving many time zones, smaller groups, video feed, and online interaction. The goal is to provide high-quality, Biblical, interactive, and convenient theological training for the the Russian world. Pray particularly for skilled volunteers in each of the remote locations to lead and facilitate the technology. David has also begun coaching a middle school soccer team, and he’s known as the coach that’s “tough but good.” 🙂 Pray for continued opportunities to connect with and witness to the families involved with soccer.

Evan and Tosha are enjoying school this fall. Tosha continues to play soccer and has adapted happily to middle school. Evan enjoys a few close friends and learning all about their culture–and tennis! All will be out of town this weekend for more retreats (!), Tosha with his school, and Evan with David and Yulia on a road trip with their team. Pray for safe travels and refreshment!


  • Praise God that Tosha healed (and had an opportunity to rest) from a soccer injury early this fall. Also for a smooth transition into middle school!
  • Praise God for a refreshing women’s retreat for Yulia last weekend, where sisters gathered to study how the gospel affects every part of our lives
  • New neighbors! Pray for good fellowship, language practice, and opportunities to disciple.


  • Pray for a clear mind and a heart sensitive to the Spirit as Yulia prepares to teach about Hannah (Samuel’s mother) at a women’s retreat in Russia next week.
  • Pray for David as he prepares for an Old Testament course (also to be taught in Russia) that involves many moving parts of technology, translation, and resources.
  • Pray for their whole family, as Yulia and David look to seize teaching and discipling moments for their boys, and long to see both Tosha and Evan claim Christ as their own.
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