Josh Ortiz

Pastor of Youth Ministries
Office: 262-857-4488

Life Story

I was born on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, OH. My parents met, married and came to know Jesus in the Air Force. Growing up in Ohio, my parents were committed to attending Bible-preaching, Jesus-loving churches and homeschooling my sister and I. As a boy, you would have thought me to be a respectful, studious and religious young boy –and that I was. Outwardly, I was very conforming. And yet, inwardly, I didn’t truly love God. I tied my identity and value before God and others to how I performed. In many ways, I was a young legalist – someone who tries to earn God’s acceptance by what he does.

However, my tidy religious veneer began to fall apart for me when I was about 11 or 12. During one particular summer growing up, I attended a small Christian camp in southern Ohio. While I was there being a good religious boy, I was surrounded by leaders and other students who had a vibrant relationship with God. They weren’t just singing about God. They were singing to God, because they delighted in God. My heart was stirred. After returning home from camp, I remember hearing a powerful sermon at my home church about the realities of Hell. My flimsy “goodness” couldn’t save me. I needed a powerful Savior. And I found one in Jesus Christ.

From that pivotal point in my life, Christ has continued to rescue me from my sin and change me little by little. Whether it was through the ups & downs of public high school or studying finance at Cedarville University, Christ has been faithful. Whether it was trying to figure out how to be a loving husband to my dear Melody (I’m still figuring that one out) or surviving my summer Greek course in seminary, Christ has been faithful. Even in parenting two young boys, Christ is proving faithful! He has even blessed me with the opportunity to make Him and His goodness known to the youth and parents of this dear church. What a Savior, what a Friend I’ve found in Jesus!

Hope for Crossway

My hope for CrossWay Community Church is that we would be a people deeply satisfied in God who joyfully and sacrificially help others to be deeply satisfied in God.