Jared Compton

Pastor for Discipleship
office: 262.857-4488

Life Story

I was born in Denver, CO to parents who knew and loved Jesus. They were first generation Christians. And my dad was in seminary. It wasn’t long before we moved; we left Denver for Detroit. My dad took a post teaching the Bible at a Baptist seminary, and we joined an incredible church. There faithful men and women came alongside my parents and taught me the good news of what God had done through his son Jesus. I must have been 11 or 12. And it all finally sunk in. I knew I was a sinner and needed a savior. So, with my dad—or was it my mom? (sorry mom & dad!)—I confessed all this to God. That’s when I became a Christian. It’s also when I began to think seriously about pastoral ministry and, especially Christian missions. It was only a few years later, in high school, that I was introduced to John Piper and began to wear out a tape of his sermon “Doing Missions When Dying is Gain”. (Somewhere along the way I also read Courtney Anderson’s To the Golden Shore.) I studied English at University and took Greek to satisfy my foreign language requirement. All of this was in preparation for seminary, which was the last stop before East Africa (or some other place where the Gospel was needed). It was at college, my last year, in fact, that I met Charisse. We were married two years later, right at the beginning of a decade-long trek through seminary. Along the way God blessed us with three beautiful children and put a desire in our hearts to train (not—for the moment—be) missionaries—and pastors and lay people too. This led us eventually to Deerfield, Ill. and, thanks to Don Carson, to CrossWay Community Church. And, after teaching the NT for a few years with my dad in Detroit, we returned to CrossWay Community Church, where I get to pastor a dear church family, preach and teach the Bible, and spend a lot of time with young guys preparing for pastoral ministry. And together—in an old farmhouse—we get to raise our three children to know and follow the Lord.

Hope for Crossway

My hope for CrossWay Community Church is that we’d be a people who love and follow God with all our hearts, who love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and who raise up and send out gospel ministers around the world.