Crossway Multiply

An accelerated effort to renew our region with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are about 80,000 people in Kenosha alone who are unchurched, and therefore, likely do not have a relationship with God.

The gospel transforms lives, breaks down barriers, speaks to our deepest needs, and gives us hope.

crossway multiply seeks gospel renewal on three levels

We want to see our region saturated with disciples that make new disciples, Gospel Communities that make new Gospel Communities, and churches that multiply to many flourishing churches.
A disciple of Jesus follows Jesus and helps others do the same. At CrossWay, we are committed to investing in those inside and outside the community of faith.

We seek to equip and encourage people for disciple-making in their everyday life. Members are committed to honoring God and being others-oriented, which requires a willingness to let go of comfort and invest in your community.
Gospel Communities are small groups of disciples that intentionally gather together to follow Jesus and help others do the same. Gospel Communities are commissioned to weave people in that are disconnected, and to reach out to those who are outside of the Church.

As more people are weaved into individual Gospel Communities, our hope is that this spurs on the need to multiply.
Our heartbeat is to establish many flourishing churches in our region. We believe God is calling us to spend our time and resources on multiplying efforts rather than expanding our church building.

We want to focus our efforts on establishing new or revitalizing current churches. Our dream is that every neighborhood in our area would have a vibrant, healthy local church.

Our dream is to see bible-believing, christ-centered, god-glorifying communities of faith in every neighborhood.

Traditional Church Plants

Traditional church plants send out a team of leaders and members to begin a new, independent local church. Our two historic church plants, CrossWay Milwaukee and Christ the King, were traditional church plants.

revitalizing efforts

Church revitalization looks to help an existing church find a new vision, focus and passion for the gospel. It requires collaboration between the existing church and CrossWay. The goal is to firmly establish the church on God’s word, the good news of Jesus Christ, and equip people for mission.

incubating churches

This is a gradual church plant, one that moves from dependence to independence over several years. The transitional nature of an incubating church allows the new church to have a laser focus on its mission, while still being supported by the sending church in other areas, like administration.

pioneering efforts

This is when a group of people do intentional gospel work in places that are particularly challenging and require unique approaches to establishing flourishing churches. While the end goal is to see a healthy church, the timeline, steps and strategy to begin a church will likely be significantly different than other avenues.
Justin and Catherine Denney began a pionnering effort in Kenosha's Wilson neighborhood in 2019. They moved into the area, continued the decade-long after-school program at Wilson Elementary, and built a network of relationships. After listening and learning from the community, the Denney's have decided to plant a classical Christian school called Kenosha Christian Academy, launching Fall 2022.

To find out more, reach out to Justin Denney.

supporting other churches

We know the people in our region will never be reached by the efforts of CrossWay alone. So we always want to pay attention to like-minded churches that are being planted in our area, and find ways to support them in whatever way we can.
We are currently supporting two new churches in our region:

Eastside Church is a collective of neighborhood churches being planted in Madison by Ben Hacker. Ben was a member of CrossWay and a part of the CrossWay Pastoral Training Course.

Redemption Church is a church plant sent from Grace Church in Racine. David and Anna Scherer from CrossWay are part of the core launch team. Redemption has planted itself in the heart of Wauwatosa, where there are few gospel-centered churches.

how can I be engaged in local, ADVANCING ministry?


Our bold efforts are empty without God going before us, opening doors, softening people’s hearts, and breaking down barriers. Pray for God to establish flourishing churches, and pray that God would use the people of CrossWay for His great work.


Consider what God may have in store for you. What spiritual risks may God be asking you to take? What opportunities are coming up that you may want to consider? What gifts and skills has God given you that can be leveraged to honor God and bless others?


Begin preparing for what God may do by humbly asking Him to lead you. There will be various opportunities to be a part of over the next several months and years. Reach out to Pastor Josh Mathews if you ever want to talk about what God may be stirring in your heart.

we're excited for advancing the gospel globally, too.