One Service at 10:00a on January 1.

June 24, 2020

Dear CrossWay Family,

What a joy it was to begin regathering this past Sunday! To be together, even with some of the limitations we faced, was deeply encouraging. To see one another, and hear one another, and sense one another near is a big part of why God calls us to this rhythm of gathering. And we heard from those who were not able to be present that there was a sense of feeling connected with those who had gathered through the video recording. As I reflect back on this past Sunday, I find myself so very grateful for the people that God has formed together as CrossWay Community Church.

We do want to continue to move forward, step by step, toward greater and greater normalcy. We learned some things this past week that will help us take another step or two in that direction. We will continue to need your help, so let me say once again, thank you for both your patience and your eagerness. I believe both of those are pleasing to the Lord.

If you’re planning to join us in person this Sunday, please remember to RSVP to let us know which service you’ll be attending. And if this will be your first Sunday back, please watch this video to orient you to some of the changes you’ll notice.

For those who are continuing to worship from home, we are happy to say that after a successful test run this past Sunday, we will now be livestreaming the second service each Sunday at 9:45am. Though the livestream may not be a permanent part of our life as a church, we hope that for right now it will serve those who want to be here on Sundays but for one reason or another are not yet able to regather. You will be able to access the livestream from the homepage of our website. We will be thinking of you as we gather and will be glad to know that you’re at home singing and praying and listening to God’s Word right along with us. Even during this time when we’re not all together, we are one body, and happily so. If you are not able to join us online at 9:45am, the recording will be available later in the day on our sermons page, along with our usual sermon application questions.

We give thanks to God for you, CrossWay, and we can’t wait to be with you again this Sunday.

With much love,

Pastor Mike and Pastor Brett (for all the pastors and elders)
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