Nick and Senja Bair are on staff with Cru Military in Virginia, USA. They are laboring to connect the global military community to Jesus Christ. They desire that armed forces both in the United States and around the world would know God’s truth and love as they defend the lives and freedoms of others.

(A brief note: The following post is much longer than our typical blog post. It is a copy of the Bair family’s entire April 2018 newsletter, instead of just a summary. We think you will understand why we are posting the entire letter once you have read it! – The CWC Journal Team)

Dear Ministry Partners,

This month we are providing a Home Front update (not the Field Report)…Why?…Because we have a miracle to share with you. In our years of ministry, we have seen troops repent of sin and turn to holy living. We have seen God take the taste of alcohol out of the mouth of a sailor who would show up drunk to duty. We have seen God purify the minds of many men, giving them victory over lust and pornography. We have witnessed a husband pleading the gospel to his wife after she told him she was leaving him for his best friend. We have seen hard-hearted, God-debating, evolution-believing atheists confess God as their Creator and Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior… But we have never seen anything like what recently happened to our family.

On a Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Senja. She had taken our son, Titus, to the doctor’s office that day. He was complaining about pain in his feet which was preventing him from standing, along with a bad headache. The doctor told Senja to immediately take Titus to the Children’s ER in Richmond. I left work, drove home to pick them up, and we headed to the Emergency Room. We spent the next couple days in the hospital with Titus. The poor boy could not stand or walk. His feet were constantly tingly and the pain was too great for him to stand. The doctors looked at autoimmune responses to a possible post viral infection. He had bloodwork taken, x-rays taken, and an MRI. No diagnosis could be made until we remembered that three weeks earlier he had fallen a little over four feet from a tree. He had landed on his upper back and neck. The week prior to these new symptoms, he had a really bad headache which we attributed to some flu-like symptoms which were going around our home.

The remainder of that week we were carrying him in and out of doctor’s appointments with his chiropractor and neurologist. The doctors thought that some inflammation around his spinal column and a concussion was the culprit. Titus was prescribed bed rest, ibuprofen, and low stimulation (no movies or reading). Then that Sunday he reached a crisis. It was about 7:30pm on Sunday. New symptoms had been developing all day. He had a slight fever. His legs were ice cold from the knees down. His pupils were dilated and he began having difficulty breathing. Senja, our older kids, and I went into emergency mode, packing bags to get him back up to the ER in Richmond.

A friend who is a retired chaplain had scheduled a time to pray for Titus. I realized it was almost time for that video call. I had every intention of telling chaps that we were on our way into the ER and did not have time for prayer. People had been praying for Titus’s healing all week long…for those of you on our Facebook, thank you for your prayer! Earlier that week I had taken Titus to our pastors who anointed him and prayed over him, as Scripture calls us to do. Senja was still packing bags so I went ahead and took the call. I am so glad I did.

Long story short, we prayed for specific healing over the parts of Titus’s body which hurt. No change. I was ready to wrap up the call and carry Titus out to the car, when chaps said, “I think this is spiritual warfare.” We then took just a couple minutes to pray against any oppression from the enemy. Titus said, “Dad, my headache is gone.” I looked up at him. He was smiling. His pupils were back to normal. I said, “How are you feeling, buddy?” He said, “Dad, my feet are not tingly anymore.” I was completely confused. My mind began to race about what could be going on. I said, “Would you like to try and stand?” Titus began moving off the bed. He put his feet on the ground. For the first time in almost a week, he took his own body weight without any help or pain and began taking small wobbly steps across the room.

I do not remember everything that happened in those next few minutes. I don’t remember hanging up the call with my friend or saying goodbye to him. I don’t remember Titus walking out of the door, but for a moment, I was alone in the room. I quickly went out into the living room and saw the older children staring at their brother as Senja began guiding him down the hall to the family room.

I spent the next few minutes telling the “Bigs” (our four oldest kids) what just happened to their little brother. In all honesty, I was gripped by doubt, lack of belief, confusion, shame, and fear in those moments. I was still trying to figure out if I should take him to the ER. Then we began hearing laughter from the family room. The “Bigs” and I went down the hall and joined Senja and Titus in the family room. Senja was rubbing Titus’s legs to help regain circulation and Titus who could not bend his knees all week was laying down and trying to tickle his mom with his toes. We all stood there amazed.

Titus said, “Dad, can we sing some songs?” One of the Bigs went and got my guitar and we began to sing. Then another miracle happened. Two songs in, one of our eldest sons said, “Dad, I want to follow Jesus.” We prayed through the sinners prayer with him and encouraged him to pray to the Lord. We sang another song. Then another one of our boys said, “Dad, I want to follow Jesus.” Senja and I looked at each, and I could tell we were both thinking the same thing: “This is an emotional ‘camp’ response to something amazing happening.”


We prayed with him and he prayed to his King. We sang another song.

I cannot write this next part without tears.

Then Titus said, “Daddy, Jesus healed me, I want him to be my King too!”

Later Senja told me that before Titus said that, she heard the Lord break through her confusion and unbelief and tell her, “Receive it…even if another child says it, receive it.”

A revival broke out in our home that night.

The next morning Senja and I woke up like kids at Christmas. We ran to Titus’s bedside. While he was still sleeping, we felt his legs. They were warm, not ice cold. It was at that moment that we both believed what had happened. By breakfast Titus was running around the house…backwards and forwards!

That morning I took Titus to his doctor’s appointment. The nurse who had witnessed the pain he was in the prior Friday, and now saw him walking in on his own, began to cry when she saw him. The doctor came out smiling and said, “Well, I guess this is a wellness visit!”

In the couple of weeks that have passed since this happened, the last of our oldest boys professed faith in Jesus Christ after hearing his older brothers tell their friends why they were now Christians.

God has been doing a lot of work in both mine and Senja’s hearts. He has renewed a great deal of faith…which we did not know had been wavering before all this happened. He has reopened our eyes to the reality of spiritual warfare, to which we had begun to become apathetic. He has brought us deeper into rejoicing in the gospel, as we felt the depths of his faithfulness and love amid our own lack of belief. We have also been overwhelmed with gratitude for the Church, which poured out love and prayers on our behalf.

Titus still has symptoms of a mild concussion. We appreciate your ongoing prayer.

“Jesus answered him, “Because I said to you, ‘I saw you under the fig tree,’ do you believe? You will see greater things than these.” John 1:50

I did not intend to write this next part, as I do not, in any way, want to exploit this miracle. However, we have been encouraged by several ministry partners, who have made inquiry, to make our needs known. Since October, when Senja miscarried and needed a blood transfusion, and this newest medical emergency with Titus, we have incurred almost $9,000 of out of pocket medical expenses. The good news is we can reimburse these expenses from our staff account if extra funds come in for us to do so.

Five individuals have already contributed toward this need without us asking. Some of them and others are the ones who told us to let more people know about this need. If you are able to make a special contribution to our staff account this month, it would be greatly appreciated.

Know that we stand in awe of our God and gratitude for you.


Nick & Senja

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