Dominique and Laura Angers live in Montreal, Quebec, with their three sons, where Dominique teaches at a French seminary called Faculte de Theologie Evangelique. Dominique also publishes an exegetical podcast for the French-speaking world: “Parle-Moi Maintenant”.

The Angers are deeply invested in the mission of the seminary where Dominique teaches, as well as in their local church. Locally, a church not far from the Angers’ home is using Christianity Explored as a way of presenting the Gospel to non-Christians over the next 7 weeks. And, while the seminary has a focus on equipping Canadians, it also has a heart to serve the international French-speaking world. This past week a meeting was held regarding the possibility of a partnership with a seminary in Haiti. There is already a strong connection with this country, as a number of the seminary students are from Haiti.

Dominique recently spoke at a pastors’ retreat and addressed tough ethical issues from 1 Corinthians 8-10 (including some morally neutral issues and gray zones of the Christian life). Now pastors need to translate what they heard into their local contexts. Dominique also launched a new series of his podcast on the Gospel of Mark, available on multiple platforms (Dominique’s blog, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and Soundcloud).

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that God would go before the Faculte in every step of the potential partnership with the Haitian seminary.
  • Pray for the pastors who attended the retreat on 1 Corinthians 8-10; that they would have wisdom in bringing the Word of God to their congregations on specific and sometimes confusing issues.
  • Pray for the effect of God’s Word in hearts–both Christian and non-Christian–through the many tech avenues.
  • Pray that God would draw the hearts of each person in the Christianity Explored group, to Himself.

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