all for jesus, everyday

A one-year intensive to be disciples that make disciples.

a one-year -- 365 day -- intensive for training disciple makers

A disciple trusts, lives-out, speaks and shares the gospel and helps others do the same. 365 focuses on and seeks to form that part of being a disciple that is others-oriented. 365 helps disciples make disciples.

WHY 365?

Disciple-making is hard

For many followers of Jesus, growing personally as a disciple tends to be easier than helping others do the same.

Disciple-making can feel costly, unfamiliar, and risky. 

Disciple-making is essential

Skilled disciple-makers are essential to reach people that are increasingly unfamiliar with God, the Bible and Christianity in general.



365 will dive deep into the Bible to provide a foundation for disciple-making.


Gender-specific squads provide a context for accountability, feedback, and encouragement.


Reading, exercises, and challenges create space to gain hands-on experience making disciples.


Check out the calendar and commitment below to see if 365 in 2022 would be a good fit for you. 


What's the purpose of 365?

To help disciples of Jesus make disciples. 

Tell me about teaching, huddles and exercises.

Teaching provide a biblical foundation for disciple-making through large-group teaching.

Huddles are gender-specific small groups that provide ongoing encouragement, accountability, and skill practice.

Exercises are opportunities to put into practice what is being taught. 

When and where do we meet?

All dates and times can be found on the calendar.  Teaching sessions will be at CrossWay Community Church. Huddles will meet at an agreed upon location. 

What if I have a scheduling conflict?

Making the teaching and huddles for the year are very important. Be sure you can commit to the year before signing up. If you know of several scheduling conflicts at the beginning of the year, it may be best to postpone participating. If something comes up during the year that is beyond your control, notify your huddle.