Every year, tens of thousands of Mormons from around the world head to Manti, Utah for their annual Mormon Miracle Pageant. For two weeks every June, Tuesday through Saturday after dark, hundreds of actors portray the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon against the backdrop of the Manti Temple. Christians also gather this time of year, to meet Mormons at the temple in hope of sharing God’s truth with them, as revealed in His Word. Many Mormons have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior through the faithful witness of His church at this event.

Saturday | Seventeen people departed from CrossWay at 2:30pm on Saturday, June 16th. Team included seven adults (John, Jenny, Bruce, Brian, Tim, Radka, and Elijah) and ten youth (Noah, Kendra, Mariana, Madilyn, Sebastian, Isaac, John Mark, Trinity, Faith, and Zach). Reached Iowa safely Saturday night. Warmly welcomed by Tom and Rachel, leaders of the team from First Family Church in Ankeny, Iowa.

Sunday | Teams combined and began long drive to Colorado. Encountered strong winds, heavy rain, and black skies in Nebraska. Brought safely by God to Dillon, Colorado to spend the night.

Monday Set out for Utah. Arrived about 3:30pm. Set up camp in town square, then settled in for rest that evening. Long week ahead.

Tuesday | Traveled to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square for further study of Mormonism. Also visited bookstore owned by Sandra Tanner (a bold defender of the Christian faith to her Mormon neighbors). Back in Manti, gathered with other teams of Christians to eat, pray, and sing to God together. Then all Christians walked or drove to street outside temple grounds. Publicly sang and prayed, then spent several hours starting gospel conversations with arriving Mormons prior to pageant. Left the temple site as the pageant began.

Wednesday | Got up early for daily evangelism training at Ephraim Church of the Bible, the only Christian Church nearby. Worshiped God through prayer and singing, then heard from a number of helpful speakers until noon. Literature for evangelism available for free in church lobby. Returned to camp to rest until early evening. Like yesterday, gathered with Christians before going out to the streets again for a night of evangelism.








Praise God

  • safe travels to Utah
  • very encouraged by speakers at morning training sessions
  • team unity and joy
  • beautiful weather in Utah

Prayer Requests

  • health and stamina; one Iowa team member became ill, but decided to stay with the team
  • good conversations on the streets; fewer Mormons attending Pageant then in previous years
  • safe travels back to Iowa and Wisconsin this weekend

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