Every year (this being the last year), tens of thousands of Mormons from around the world head to Manti, Utah for their annual Mormon Miracle Pageant. For two weeks every June, Tuesday through Saturday after dark, hundreds of actors portray the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon against the backdrop of the Manti Temple.

The LDS temple in Manti, Utah, where the pageant takes place

Christians also gather this time of year, to meet Mormons at the temple in hope of sharing God’s truth with them, as revealed in His Word. Many Mormons have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior through the faithful witness of His church at this event. Here is an update from our Utah team. 

Early in the Mormon Miracle Pageant, this line resounds over the listening crowds: “So you see, my brethren, that it is by faith alone that you are saved.” Many people, including most Latter Day Saints, believe that the Mormon religion is just another Christian denomination. But this line appears within the Pageant as spoken by a ‘corrupted’ church which God supposedly instructed Joseph Smith to reject. A careful study of Mormon scriptures reveals that the LDS church teaches salvation by works, that God was once a man, and many other such false doctrines which oppose the teachings of the Bible.

Praise God with Us

  • Praise God with us for granting us safety on our drive to Utah. Although we had a flat trailer tire in the last few hours of our drive, he quickly provided for a fix.
  • Praise God for the hundreds of Christians who have united here this week out of a love for Latter Day Saints.
  • Praise God for many gospel conversations that our team has been able to lead and participate in. May God cause these conversations to bear fruit!
Pray With Us
  • Because this is the last Pageant planned for Manti, we are seeing record numbers of LDS folks attend, and we anticipate perhaps upwards of 25,000 on Friday night alone. Pray for many gospel conversations to continue: even though the LDS church has instructed its members not to engage with us Christians.
  • Please continue to pray for good health and stamina for our team and all the Christians here.
  • Please pray for clarity of thought and speech as we rehearse the gospel to ourselves and to others, and as we remember our studies of Mormon doctrine.
  • Please pray for continued good weather for the duration of our stay here. The forecast for tonight (Thursday) is looking cloudy and potentially rainy, which could certainly hinder the Pageant’s attendance and our ability to witness.
  • Pray for encouragement for the full-time missionaries here in Utah. This is a slow work, and many of them are weary.
We love you, dear CrossWay, and are eager to share stories of how God has been at work in Utah this week!
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